Asianajotoimisto Hiltunen Lepistö & Liukkonen
Asianajotoimisto Hiltunen Lepistö & Liukkonen
Attorneys at law Hiltunen Lepistö & Liukkonen

Proficient, efficient and dynamic office located in Kouvola and Hamina.

Attorneys at Law Hiltunen Lepistö & Liukkonen is an experienced, efficient and dynamic law firm operating in Southern Finland in Kouvola and Hamina.

The attorneys and lawyers of our firm possess long experience of serving both business enterprises and private persons in legal matters. We take care of all assignments in a professional manner, reliably and efficiently.

Originally established in Kouvola in 1993 under the name Law Office Hiltunen & Lepistö, the objective of our law firm is to focus actively on quality, training of personnel and maintenance of expertise – and serving our clients.

We take care of the legal affairs of private persons as well as small and medium-sized enterprises based on their assignments. Our partners and clients also include municipal enterprises and banks.

Attorneys at Law Hiltunen Lepistö & Liukkonen is a member of the Eurojuris International network of law firms. The network covers more than 600 law firms in over 50 countries. The other Eurojuris firms in Finland are located Helsinki (two offices), Turku and Vaasa. Through Eurojuris, our firm can provide enterprises, private persons and authorities with legal services also in foreign law, administrative procedures and contracts. Based on our clients’ wishes, we take care of the client’s contacts with local experts in different parts of Europe and beyond. We can offer the client a contact with an expert to be contacted in international matters. Visit for more information.

Our lawyers and offices are located in Kouvola and Hamina. We still work and meet our clients in the whole of Kymenlaakso area and especially also in Kotka. When required we take care of our Clients matters throughout Finland.

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Our services for enterprises

We provide professional assistance in issues such as contract law matters of enterprises, company law matters, collection matters, corporate debt restructuring and bankruptcy matters, litigation related to civil cases and criminal cases and matters related to real estate ownership or problems.

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Our services for private persons

We assist individuals in matters such as family law and inheritance law matters, preparation of real estate transactions and other deeds of sale, other situations involving contracts, litigation as well as damages and other legal matters related to civil cases.

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