Labour law and matters pertaining to the starting and finishing of employment

Our firm is renowned for the management of labour law issues. Our lawyers serve both employers and employees in a wide variety of labour law issues: when signing an employment contract, in problems during the employment, and, most often, in the solving of problems arising at the end of the employment.

Labour law issues normally involve matters such as the interpretation of the employment contract, drawing up of employment contracts or matters related to the finishing of employment. We deal frequently with the basic legal factors of co-operation within enterprises (YT-menettely): plan of action and proper procedure. In addition to the termination and dissolution of an employment contract, problems are also often caused by fixed-term employment contracts and their termination, probationary period or chaining of employment contracts, where several fixed-term contracts have been concluded in immediate succession, for example on the basis of temporary positions.

Naturally, we also assist our clients in the drafting of contracts, such as the drawing up and interpretation of management contracts or managing director’s contracts as well as in situations involving the termination of contracts.

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