Private services

We serve private persons in the preparation of deeds of sale, various contractual matters between individuals, litigation and legal matters related to disputes. Our lawyers have long experience in taking care of the legal matters of individuals.

All our lawyers serve private customers by drawing up estate inventories and distributing estates, by preparing wills and by assisting in matters relating to inheritance tax.

We also handle matters related to child care, prepare marriage settlement agreements, distribute the matrimonial assets of spouses and, if needed, assist in litigation.

Drawing up of documents and agreements, legal advice

  • deeds of sale
  • wills
  • estate inventories
  • distribution of matrimonial assets
  • marriage settlement agreements
  • agreements concerning child care, meeting rights and maintenance support
  • housing and real estate transactions


  • civil and criminal cases and petition matters in courts of law
  • claims for private law damages in conjunction with a criminal case

Alternative dispute resolution methods

Legal expenses insurance and legal aid

Both enterprises and individuals often have legal expenses insurance, for example as part of company insurance or home insurance.

Together with the client, we find out how comprehensive the client’s legal expenses insurance is and also whether the client is eligible to obtain legal aid paid for by the government (

Real estate matters

  • real estate transactions and deeds of sale
  • matters relating to ownership of real estate
  • land use planning, land surveying and land law issues
  • mildew and moisture problems in buildings

At some point in life, almost everyone buys a house or apartment or receives one in inheritance or gift. Our lawyers advise and assist you in contractual matters and dispute situations concerning the transactions and other transfers of pieces of real estate and housing. We advise our customers in problem situations, including issues relating to the compensation of moisture and mildew damage in buildings.

Real estate disputes often deal with a shortcoming in the object of sale due to moisture or building error: the house or other piece of real estate does not correspond to what has been agreed upon or what the buyer was buying, and the building may be uninhabitable as a result of health hazards or technical safety deficiencies. In such a case, the buyer typically presents a price reduction requirement, which corresponds to the costs of repair of the building to the condition that was agreed in the deed of sale. If major repair costs and substantial disadvantage come to play, a requirement for the cancellation of the transaction and potentially also claims for damages can be presented.

Our work also covers the consulting of clients in land use planning and environmental permit matters concerning real estate.

Labour law

Our firm is renowned for the management of labour law issues. Our lawyers serve employees in a wide variety of labour law issues: when signing an employment contract, in problems during the employment, and, most often, in the solving of problems arising at the end of the employment.

Labour law issues normally involve matters such as the interpretation of the employment contract, drawing up of employment contracts or matters related to the finishing of employment. In addition to the termination and dissolution of an employment contract, problems are also often caused by fixed-term employment contracts and their termination, probationary period or chaining of employment contracts, where several fixed-term contracts have been concluded in immediate succession, for example on the basis of temporary positions.

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