Tapio Lepistö

Tapio Lepistö

Attorney at law, Trained on the bench

tel. +358 20 759 5445
gsm +358 50 075 0171

Born on 7 September 1958 in Hirvensalmi
Master of Laws 1984 University of Lapland
Training on the bench 1985 Mikkeli District Court
Domicile: Hamina
Marital status: married, two daughters
Interests: triathlon, endurance sports, motorcycling
Work experience: prosecutor duties in various rural police districts, bank lawyer, bank manager, attorney at law since 1993

Tapio Lepistö works at our Hamina office. Companies in South-Eastern Finland are Tapio Lepistö’s primary clients, and he also deals constantly with issues such as inheritance law and criminal cases. He is also a notary public.

Mr Lepistö has been involved in the Gateway Office Partners internationalisation project providing the legal services of our firm to businesses establishing themselves in South-Eastern Finland.

Tapio Lepistö is a member of Town Council of Hamina, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Port Of HaminaKotka and he is involved in the work of some other companies in the region, so his great vision also encompasses areas other than the justice system.

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