Real estate matters

The assets of individual persons and businesses in Finland are often associated to walls and land, in other words to real estate. The transaction of a house represents everyday real estate issues.

Matters relating to the ownership of real estate may be relevant both in the case of a continuing business and also in cases of change-of-generation or business acquisition. It often happens that the property remains in the seller’s ownership, and the party continuing the business continues in the same business premises as a tenant.

Real estate matters also cover the management of land use planning issues or building permit issues vis-à-vis the municipality, or making appeals against decisions made by municipal authorities. We also help our clients in expropriation procedures and surveying proceedings.

Real estate transactions have received attention due to mildew and moisture problems encountered in properties and dwellings. These problems can cause very large financial losses or even loss of health both to the seller and buyer. In this case, the negotiations deal with the repair costs, a price reduction or cancellation of the transaction.

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