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Our lawyers have long experience in serving businesses and entrepreneurs in legal matters. We provide professional and client-focused assistance in matters such as contract law matters of enterprises, company law matters, collection and bankruptcy matters, litigation related to civil and criminal cases, and matters related to real estate ownership or problems.

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Law of intellectual property rights and market law

Intellectual property rights represent a company’s intangible assets. We serve our clients in issues pertaining to intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademarks, patents, domain names and trade secret protection.

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Public procurement

We assist and advise companies in contesting public procurement processes and in contractual matters related to them.

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Real estate matters

Real estate matters also cover the management of land use planning issues or building permit issues vis-à-vis the municipality, or making appeals against decisions made by municipal authorities.

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Litigation in civil and criminal cases

In civil cases, we assist clients in major disputes that end up in district courts, courts of appeal, the Supreme Court and administrative courts.

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Debt collection matters

When a commercial contract or service contract causes a problem or when the contractual partner is not willing to pay, the amount due can be recovered through effective debt collection.

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Construction law – responsibility of construction designers

Construction companies and various types of design firms certainly also face problems in their work. The solving of these problems requires mediation or dispute resolution.

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Assignments concerning contract law

An effective and broad contract portfolio often safeguards the company’s operations also in unwanted situations.

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Labour law and matters pertaining to the starting and finishing of employment

Our firm is renowned for the management of labour law issues. Our lawyers serve both employers and employees in a wide variety of labour law issues.

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Tort law focuses on contractual damages and damages arising outside a contract.

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Alternative dispute resolution methods

In many civil cases, it is not in our client’s interest that we take the case to be decided by a district court. The matters can be often resolved as early as after the first exchange of letters, and an amicable settlement can therefore be achieved in a dispute.

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Company law assignments and corporate rearrangements

Our firm is renowned and respected for the management of company law cases.

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Corporate debt restructuring and bankruptcy matters

We have been involved in numerous bankruptcy cases as the estate administrator and public receiver and in corporate debt restructuring processes as the administrator and later as the supervisor.

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