Company law assignments and corporate rearrangements

Our firm is renowned and respected for the management of company law cases. We are constantly working on assignments such as the establishment of companies, changes in company form and internal company governance issues. Nowadays, change-of-generation arrangements and acquisitions by new owners are highly topical issues in company law.

Company law includes all company forms in Finland, the most important being limited company (osakeyhtiö), limited partnership (kommandiittiyhtiö), general partnership (avoin yhtiö) and self-employed entrepreneur (toiminimi). Establishing a limited company or limited partnership represents normal efforts for us. Also a change-over from a self-employed entrepreneur to a limited company can be made. Moreover, we help our clients in negotiations and preparation of agreements related to corporate rearrangements and in submitting official notifications concerning such arrangements.

When a limited company is being established, it is recommended to draw up a shareholders’ agreement between the shareholders. In the shareholders’ agreement, the shareholders and the company itself agree in a confidential manner on the procedures of the company and its decision-making, profit distribution, settlement of disputes, potential exit situations and other matters that are important to the shareholders.

Companies may also be subject to civil law claims for damages, and companies may demand damages. The personal legal matters of the entrepreneurs are also often discussed.

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